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  • Details Outstanding new home Property number:# 200 Location:Cairns Bedrooms:3 Living area sq.m.:160 Price EUR:€ 346,000 Price AUD:$ 488,000
  • Details Affordable luxury Property number:# 104 Location:Melbourne Bedrooms:2 Living area sq.m.:82 Price EUR:€ 400,000 Price AUD:$ 550,000
  • Details Beachfront Villa in Fiji Property number:# 803 Location:Islands of Fiji Bedrooms:1 Living area sq.m.:120 Price EUR:€ 549,000 Price AUD:$ 778,000

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20 February 2016
The lower Australian dollar is making Australia a more attractive destination for international property buyers
01 February 2016
Melbourne property prices grew 2.5% in January, compared to Sydney's 0.5% rise
22 January 2016
more people think now is a better time to buy a house than any time since midway through 2015
07 January 2016
Housing market remains in the recovering phase from the Global Financial Crisis
14 December 2015
Interests from foreign buyers from Europe are still strong as Australian property market looks much healthier compare to most of the European countries
01 December 2015
A lower Australian dollar and ample apartment stock would continue to lure foreign buyers
15 November 2015
Brisbane is seeing plenty of foreign investors, but it is starting to attract a local market now and that local market is where the growth to be had is
01 November 2015
40% of the investors surveyed cited long-term wealth benefits as the prime reason to buy Australian property
19 October 2015
Melbourne will be the out-performer of the year followed by the Gold Coast and Hobart
01 October 2015
Family homes are in hot demand in Australia, being snapped up enthusiastically in some of the busiest property auctions